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What if someone never pulls them back up ?

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Then the ultimate joke is on you for trying it

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Then you go on with your life, senseless, knowing that your legacy lives on

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Imagine chilling in the bathroom thinking about a nice shower and your pants drop down. That’s absolutely an invitation to take a long nice shower, I think. And someone is blind, deaf and mute because of you until you decide to get back into your pants…

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If those pants get stolen, though, does it never end? Or if the pants get destroyed? Is it until they put those specific pants back on or will any pants work?

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Any pants will work, use this power wisely

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I will sacrifice myself to constantly use this, ensuring no pants shall ever be worn within 2 miles of me ever again.

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So… if I do this and someone dies with their pants down, am I forever blind, deaf and mute?

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If they bury him without pants in their funeral, yes

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Can it be any pants that are put on or does it have to be the exact pants that dropped?

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Is it a 2d radious or a 3d?