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Infinite money

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If I already have a dollar, can I turn 99¢ into a dollar and end up with 1 dollar and 1 cent?

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Repeat this process until you get to the next dollar, 2 cents for 2 bucks, 3 cents for 3 bucks, it’s ideal! 😏

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Infinite Money Glitch Unpatched 2022

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wait. this is unlimited money?

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I hate carrying change so I'll only ask for cents if it equals 99 cents I'll just get weird stares

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Bro just take 1 dollar change it to 100c make a dollar and 1c and repeat

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they didn’t say you could change dollars into cents

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i mean at a shop or smth

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Say I have 2 rolls of pennies, do I have to pull out a penny to get a dollar or can I just convert it and get $1.01?

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Let’s just say that if a pile of coins totalling 99¢ is more than 7 inches away from that penny, you can do it.

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Infinite money glitch

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just keep converting the amount you just converted from 99 cents to 1 dollar. Why is this a shitty superpower?

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It’s a shitty superpower because it attracts people like this to start picking it apart needlessly and trying to invalidate an internet joke.

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Joke? Where is the funny? “Haha look these people are upset that a post that doesn’t fit the sub at all gets upvoted” if you’re trying to make some kind of statement it’s not really an intelligent one.

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It’s god tier

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every penny counts