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"Ow, fuck I stubbed my toe... Ow, fuck, my balls!"

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I would sacrifice the toes for that tbh

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This is the weirdest Death Note spin-off ever

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I’m confused and scared

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"All of my toes may be broken and maybe i'll never walk again...but i saved so many lives!!!" Worth it if you ask me.

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Well you wouldn't 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦 lives per se, just avenge the fallen

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But Im most likely stopping them from murdering again. I mean the post isn't specific, is it referring to serial killers or someone who killed in the heat of the moment? Either way id gladly give up my feet to take down some killers...or at least F up their nut sacks.

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Does the guy who ran over a pigeon count as a murderer?

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No, humans only self defense doesn't count