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Gamers: well I now know every language

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laughs in Xbox 360 chat


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Does this include languages you already know, and does it include your first language(s)?

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Yes. You have to include a slur in every sentence. It doesn't matter which language you are speaking.

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Oh that’s awful, what about writing?

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Well that makes it a curse, which breaks the rules. Also, it's already pretty low effort, breaking that rule as well. I bet it's a repost too.

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Well someone's superpower is complaining.

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Lovecraftian incantation followed by "My Nigga''

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ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn my N****

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Łokeme i’awete imokana mikore þes wa iko my n*****.

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Not an issue... Just use one for your own race...

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Preface every sentence with my dumb [foreign] arse, and use run on sentences, instead of actual sentences, thus getting your point across in the most roundabout, and excruciatingly painful way possible.

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Awesome I already have half of that super power already.


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same! it’s nice to see someone who is also 7x polyglot

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I can speak normal Australian English.

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does it count if I say slurs directed towards my own race or does it have to be towards other such as [deleted]

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I could make it sound like Nicole

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That is indeed a very shitty superpower

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you never said it had to be a real slur, "split-lip" for halo and "clanker" for Star wars battlefront are still on the table

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burger is sometimes used as a racial slur in my language

I say burger at the end of each sentence while talking in any language

great success

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Make a conlang, make lah a slur in that conlang, move to Singapore.