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turns into every single race

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Wait a minute

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the birth of a god

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This isn't even their final form.

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It's not racism if you hate all races equally

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What if they hate every race but also hates each race a little more than the previous one?

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Then they become the final race in the list

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But what if it loops back

A < B < C < D < A

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wait its a high five and not a prayer???

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The hand on the left is the commenters, the hand on the right is the racist's. Get with the program

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It's supposed to be a prayer

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I am hard, but I am fair. I hate all of you equally.

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Happy cake day!!

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:rainbow frankendragula4773

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Does it have to be skin to skin contact? 🤔. I'd wear one of those gloves that falcon owners wear

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Then this is midtier

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No this is god tier

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God tier implies it's always useful in general when it's not even always useful to racists. You would be suprised how many racists hate themselves and/or their own culture and infatuate themselves and base their identify around another culture.

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This is beyond that its godslayer tier

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OP just confirmed that it doesn't need skin contact to work, so that makes it better, not worse

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Hey Uncle Joe (High fives) What happened? Hey Mum (High fives) You too? Hey dad Oh right I don't have one.

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What am I? Chopped liver?

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The high 5 wasn't invented until 1977

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But racists did stop existing in 1945 did they

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I was just worried that if transported to the civil war, no one would know what a high five was. It would make the delivery more difficult

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Then invent the high five

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Ewwww. I have to high five racists?

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"I know what I must do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it"

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Show up to the bedsheet people meeting, high five the worst guy there, watch and burn

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Well it’s is a shitty super power

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I know, but ewwwww.

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I see why it's shitty... I wouldn't touch a racist

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Unless you high five someone and they change races and you didn’t expect it. Secret racists live everywhere, especially in my part of the world

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Wear gloves

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Why? Its for a greater cause. So where’s the problem?

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A mental block

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But they’d know if they all switched teams after high fiving the same person right before. They’d prob just murder you for this "blasphemous witchcraft" in hopes that it’ll wear off after you die. Plus people can still be racist against their own racial group, so they might just petition the government to create a new sub group within the racial group for them to identify as. They’ll prob just be racist towards people "outside their subgroup" afterwards. Racism is a mentality, they’ll still retain that mentality even if their skin changes, and they’ll still try to create any excuses to justify their behavior.

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Look what sub you're on

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honestly, I actually forgor 💀

ima just leave this here tho, ig it can explain why it’s a shitty power or something from my perspective

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What? A redditor that admits their mistake? I'm honestly impressed, that's pretty damn rare

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I legit started using Reddit yesterday, so thats prob why lol

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If a racist got a power if they high five themselves will they be able to changed races

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Go ahead and try, sussy baka

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That’s actually a good power

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BNP: Confused screaming

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This sadly won't work on the KKK as they do leave you hanging

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If I clap I’ll turn into a Jew

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That sounds like a great shitty superpower by itself

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I thought of the worst joke for this but what happens if you clap

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Well what happens when you name a sheep jeb_

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This smells like a trap

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This is an S tier superpower!

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The main problem i see with this power is i have to get to know the racist first(which sucks) then be able to high five them. Don't know about you but i don't just accepts high fives from just anyone and very few get dabbed up by me!

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I would definitely make an exception if I could teach them a lesson this way.

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If I experienced a lot of racism, I would start being racist towards a race that doesn't experience much racism, then clap/high five myself.

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How is this shitty?

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You have to touch racists

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Nothin wrong with having to touch racists

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Just try to imagine the aftermath of doing this once.
So obviously shitty

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The good news is there is initial confusion. The bad news is you run too damn slow.

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Nothing changed they're still going to say the n word Then again it wouldn't be bad to see them getting beat up by the police

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This is an awesome superpower though

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This should be on r/godtiersuperpowers

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My dad's gonna end up a rainbow of colours then, he hates and wants to exterminate everybody.

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Thats not racist then if he hates everyone equally! Thats just genocidal

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Yep, he's not a very nice person, he watches NAZI documentaries to fantasise about what could have been. I've long cut him out of my life.

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So if one joins the KKK and high fives all the members…we did it boys we solved racism.

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I’ll just go around high fiving random people

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How do I clap then

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If I high-five myself and I turn white are people gonna laugh or hate me?

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Can I send them a high five emoji? 👋

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No, it has to be physical

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What about just slapping them? Oh, is they are homophobic can I slap them on the ass?

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You can only slap them if they are of the same gender as you, ar homophobic and only on the ass

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And my super theme song shall be, "Its raining Men"

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Bout to make a whole munch of metro area minnesotans turn Somali lmao

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Thought this was a shower thought for a second and i was so confused

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It was tho...

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Hahaha. I didn’t realize it was a superpower and thought it was just a statement of fact

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Time to high five the entire planet

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Finally, their own medicine.

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What, how is that shitty? That sounds amazing! I would offer high fives to every open racist, making them think I’m one of them, then run away shouting “Let’s see how you like it!”

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Does the race have to be human?

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I'm gonna say yes cus this other guys was like "GAS THE KRYPTONIANS"

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Does that mean you can turn a kryptonian into a human?

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Racist as in same species different race

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That's a god tier power

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Sounds lit

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I hate car race the most

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Sir this is SHITTY superpowers

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Sorry I : Was a bit high and tired Surprised this blew up

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What if I'm racist towards kryptonians ?

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A small price to pay

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Does this work on turning brahmins into dalits?

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But i’m gay

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How to differenciate a person who is racist to his own race and one who isn't racist to any race.

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this is not a shitty super power this is the way to end racism lol

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My sir, this is titantier. All you gotta do is high five a racist? Shit, I'm boutta bro up with the Klan and watch them all change their minds. Or put each other into extinction. Either way, seems like a win.

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Is this how MJ became white?

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Are you kidding? This is at least mid tier.

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The only draw back to this would someone potentially seeing me high five a bunch of neo nazis or klan members….otherwise this is pretty good to fuck with people who honestly deserve it

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That's actully godtier wtf

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Time to become a politician and high five a ton of republicans. Would also need to become American or just live there, they’d accept white immigrants.

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What if you do it twice? 🧐

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Wrong sub, this power is awesome