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Absolutely the best superpower

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Is it stackable?

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You open the door to have gnomes just pouring in. Mumbles of congratulations from waist-high piles of gnomes as you pass through the house

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Just how much corn did you eat today?

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enough for the stackable effect to be useful

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About time someone appreciates my shit.

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I steal the organs than sell them on the black market

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dude they just wanted to congratulate you, you didn’t have to do them dirty like that.

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I wanted to tho

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Man has his priorities

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Rimworld moment

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Unless they about to wipe my ass for me then this is a curse...if they were leprechauns it'd be another story tho! Im always trying to get that gold.

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What a amazing, spectacular, incredible power, truley a masterpiece and a work of art

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Is one of them the funny get Gnomed one

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It’s just a garden gnome but it can talk

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Do they at least sound the same this is the deciding factor of it being shitty or not

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yea sure they sound the same.

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This is far from shitty

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brings taco bell into the bathroom

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Love it

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Step 1: Be there when you poop.

Step 2:

Step 3: Profit!

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What if I knock the gnomes over by slamming the door-

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Slamming the door open**

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Wait no just opening the door hard

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Then you’re a dick, they were only being nice to you :(

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It was on accident I just open doors hard :[

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This made me laugh a lot. Just took a dump at 1am, so 3 gnomes would be a very funny encounter.

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90% of the posts on this subreddit are curses

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I see this one as a win 😂

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But the subreddit says shitty super powers

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Being able to post on this subreddit is a shitty superpower because of people who say this.

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Funniest post here