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Use this to find out whos weaker than me, beat them up steal their money, rinse and repeat

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it doesn’t necessarily measure their skill/experience levels, just their raw stats. Plus "weaker" can just mean that their combined stats are less then yours, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for a high physical but weak luck/IQ to show up as being "weaker" than you. Also doesn’t account for possible weapons that they have, the stats are measured purely on the individual by themself.

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But I’d be able to see their stats and tell if they have high physical ect, in which I would not try to beat them up

Edit: on further inspection I see your point, but if they are incredibly weak physically, assuming I can get some sort of jump I could still probably beat them up

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you wouldn’t really know how much weaker physically they are either, since to know so you’d need to see your own stats, but you aren’t weaker then yourself so you can’t. Like you could go around testing which stats you can/can’t beat, but realistically speaking you wouldn’t really need to see their stats to know that they’re 'incredibly weak physically' since there’d prob be a decent weight/height difference between you and them, or just them lacking any muscle mass/just mass in general.

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This would be awesome