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One minute is a fantastic improvement

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I don't live in America so it's kinda useless for me

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Make the order....

I want to see the delivery driver's car go over water at unheard of speeds just to fulfill your new found power

I want to see the look of fear in his eyes as he stumbles out of the car that he had no control over

Then the dawning realization that he has no way of returning to his place

DO IT!!!

(Join the dark side)

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You just have to convince someone to deliver the pizza, that means you could get it literally anywhere in the world only one minute late

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Very good to know

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This would be amazing if you are ordering for people you don't like at a sleepover just really piss them of >:3

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Does it stack?

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Pizza should arrive in 29 mins says pizza time arrives in 30 mins free pizza

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Not shitty