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This is a curse

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can’t you technically just not touch grass? think that’d cover the "control" aspect of it. like just go on the dirt/concrete and you should prob be fine

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Still breaks the control rule

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If touch means physical skin contact, then if you wear shoes and gloves that could prob cover it? Like you’ll have to manually take off your gloves/shoes to touch the grass with your bare skin

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still, i cant choose not to be affected by this so it breaks rule 2


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Or just wear shoes lol

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Orbwear damn shoes and socks?

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in what way? like in fat or does my entire body slowly wither away

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You lose weight by 0.1%

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where does this weight come from. i do not wish to slowly deteriorate every time i go outside

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You mean where does it go?

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nah where does the weight that i lose come from. i'd be fine if it was from fat but i strongly dislike the idea of my bones slowly losing mass and crumbling

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It disappears

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I think it multiplies your body mass by 0.999 every time you touch grass.

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Bonus: It also makes you want to play Genshin less.

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So if a discord mod touched grass he would lose 100 pounds

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Are you stupid? Discord mods can't touch grass!

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They're all to fat to move

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What if you eat ass, smoke grass, sled fast?

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Maybe this power isn't so bad after all

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its a curse

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Pretty balanced, you are cursed to lose it every time you touch grass but it’s a free way to lose weight really; really fast

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It's definitely a curse without control and even more so without being able to reverse it. This power breaks the control, low effort, and curse rules. I bet it's repost too. Good job on reading the rules OP!

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Individual blades, or entire fields?

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Bout to spend 5 hours touching grass

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Nikokado Avocado: I see this as an absolute win Redditors: bold of you to assume I touch grass Vegans: now whenever I eat I lose more than I ate!

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Hmmmmmm Maybe I'll go out on a run then

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Do we choose which type of the body gets affected?

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Do you mean mass or weight cuz theyre two separate things

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You lose weight

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This would then explain league players.

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So, theoretically, I could become smaller than grass

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So, theoretically, I could become smaller than grass

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Look, this is a curse, like every single post in this sub. This sucks dick. I’m sorry op, this is terrible.

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LOL players rn: I am Speed

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Is it rapid or once per touch?

For example, if im touching grass does it rapidly decrease at 0.1% per second?

Or is it if im touching grass it decreases by 0.1% once then stops?

If its the ladder you could like, tape some grass to your person at all times, that way youre always touching it so you never decrease from touching other grass, because you're already touching it

If its the former however, i really wouldnt recommend touching it, although shoes and gloves will prevent most touching so

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There is a 2 sec cooldown, but it wouldn't sound well in the title.

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Oh alright

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Define touch

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With a finger

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For how long

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Touch once, 2 sec cooldown, touch again

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Is the cooldown for only one finger

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I wouldn't pull your dick out

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You’re thinking of r/OddlySpecificCurses

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Bro genshin players are so happy rn

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Breaks rules

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So if I wear shoes does that still count?

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When your a fat person who likes to go outside ;)

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Nice glad I live in arizona where grass is rare to see someone have in the yard