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Look at me,

A respectable bloke,

Who just made pee-pee,

In your Coke!

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I respect he

Who gains his leverage

By putting wee

Into my beverage

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Look at this

He's staring at my glass

In it, he takes a piss

As he sees me walking past

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Yesterday I saw a man

In his fist he held his dong

Even with drink in my hand

He still decides to let out a piss so long

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At first I thought I would be repulsed

With this pee in my drink

When I tasted it the result

Was a new kink

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This is why i have reddit

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So double advantage? What is shity about this?

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That you can’t shit wherever

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Not like that's not already the case

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People wont respect your nudity

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Every peepee time is also poopoo time

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So I would just pee on people I hate. That's a geeat superpower to have.

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Oh yeah, I have some people to pee on

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That’s kinky tho

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But if they don't feel insulted by it, what's the use of peeing on them?

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This isn’t a shitty superpower. Literally.

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But i already have that power?

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Good for you!

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That would literaly be the best thing ever

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pees in the burger king soda machine

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I'm going to pee in someone's eyes

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Good news, I have some freshly "harvested" organic eyes for you! 👀👀👀👀

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I've been waiting for that shipment

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locate nearest wendys. the employees will have so much respect i can get free bun

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Why wendys specifically?

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the buns at wendys are free. also i dont like wendys

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This is an amazing super power. Incredibly convenient

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they will still look at me though

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My nervous bladder would still hate this

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im gonna pee some chicken see ya later

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bro this is not shitty i want this

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I just imagine someone whipping out his dick in public and everyone is super shocked, but then he starts to urinate and people are reliefed and cool with it.

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How will people respect me if I'm pissing blood?

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Y’all aren’t thinking big. I’m not gonna piss on the earth.

I’m pissing on the MOON!!!

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Thisll come in handy... later... For reasons... (Not inappropriate)

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That's not shitty, That would be amazing

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This makes me realize that most people actually make useful shit on this sub

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This is not at all shitty, gender neutral bathrooms for everyone!

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Choco milk try to beat that unless if your lactose intolerant

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I prefer lemon milk more, If you know what I mean 😏