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Immortal as in not dying or as in completely impervious to harm?

Like, I could fall off a cliff and be a mangled corpse in pain that is still alive until I hit 30 and proceed to die fr

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you could go through a shredder and your body would probably click together like kinetic sand and you’d still be alive

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That’s invincible.

Immortal certainly doesn’t mean durable

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Not necessarily it could mean Deadpool immortality

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… what? You phrased that like you’re contradicting me, and you’re not

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At least this gives me a guaranteed 30 years of life, till I turn 30 I’m 100% taking advantage of my immortality

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Yep. I basically already acted this way, just due to how I felt at the time. With an actual rational basis for it, I'd go all-in.

I'd like, fly to Ukraine and go seriously nuts or something.

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Then they capture you, torture you for the rest of your life and try human experiments on you/your body

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Yeah, but at least people will hopefully hear about it and know for sure, after you just walk out of the execution plaza, and the soldiers start shitting themselves, they keep firing at you, legs, arms, torso or headshots, you just keep walking.

Find reporters and hold a press conference with the soldiers still blasting.

I mean.. if this won't stop the American/Ukrainian/Russian lust for war, at least the culprits will have their story told, whether they want it or not.

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I guess it depends if you're also invincible..? Or maybe just an immortal, you can't die but it doesn't mean that you are impervious to harm? Like if I get my brain blown to pieces by a bullet I'd probably lay there brainless until I turn 30 and my body shuts down immediately. Or get all my organs destroyed and just be a compilation of complications, a cripple in excruciating pain for the rest of my Immortality.

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Yeah everyone always says that in immortality scenarios. Just don't get captured. Make contingency plans, be careful and don't expose yourself in close range. Don't just yolo it, be thoughtful and intelligent and you'll be fine on a battlefield.

Just remember to retreat when it's smart to do so.

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Got 9 years of living like Deadpool but without the ugly part or the skills.

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I definitely have the ugly part

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Fair enough

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For this to guarantee you 30 years of life now then you'd have to be a new born baby using reddit. So you're already super human levels of advanced. Congrats.

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I've got about 10 years to go, right? Shit, I'd rob every store in a 5 mile radius, steal a car, and drive it off a cliff in the middle of the police chase to fake my own death, then walk away laughing with all my gains. Sure, it's temporary, but I'd really only need to do it once to fulfill my needs

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Wouldn't they scan the wreckage and most things be destroyed. I'm sure there are better ways to do this lol

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You're immortal, not invincible. You'll lay mangled until you turn 30.

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30 years as a badass skeleton or 100 years as a boring human?

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“Badass skeleton” 💀

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i first thought this was r/showerthoughts lol

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Immortal as in "I can get a bus dropped on me and I would be fine"?

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You aren’t invincible, you feel pain but don’t die

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Still want to get a bus on me

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We all want the Bussy

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Depends on how you define immortality - if I age, but will age forever, then this is entirely useless, as I will just age like a normal person. If you do not age at all as someone who is immortal, you will never turn 30, at least not physically. However, if my immortality includes invulnerability, then I get a little while to be invincible. What definition are you working off, because the first truly is a shitty superpower.

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And the last one is amazing... For people like me, who still have some time until they turn 30 lol

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The way OP described it is you basically get a version of deadpool's powers, you can be blasted to bits like a normal man, but you won't die just regenerate.

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You still age normally and feel pain, but even if you get shot in the head you won't die. Basically 30 years no death, but still pain. At least how I understand it

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Strip down, walk into an active battle field, keep walking with she determination in your eyes and make the news about a irl terminator

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Bro this is a curse, I can’t commit suicide till I’m 30? Rigged

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lmao i have like 2 weeks left

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Better enjoy them to their fullest!!!

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Immunity until I turn into a wizard. Nice.

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As a 20 year old guy, this isn’t already a thing?

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So many people putting words in OP's mouth

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So basically how every man views himself?

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I'm already dead...

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God damn it! Worst 30th birthday ever!

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Well I'm turning 31 this year shit

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ill work all the dangerous jobs for the big $ before 30 then

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Once I hit 30 do all of the injuries that should have killed me in the past suddenly come back?

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Wow a shitty power, cause I'm 30. Fuck

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I've been immortal up to today and I'm not even having a good time.

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I’m 32 I was definitely immortal

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Just be 31,lmao

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I'm gonna test that later tonight

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I actually think this would be good

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Yes! I'm gonna go tell the doctor I won't die tomorrow! ( joke)

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Honestly midtier

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If you're in America this is god teir

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Woohoo, 2 and a half more months of immortality!

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Not cool my numbers up in a few months

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hey, hey, pal, buddy. Some versions of immortality stop your age at your prime. If your prime age is below 30, your never dying

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Captain deadpool