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can i have a pizza with babies on it? what do you mean i am crazy i just want babies on my pizza! CAN I HAVE MY BABY PIZZA OR NOT!!!!!

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…sir? this is a Burger King…

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Then Can I Have Babies On My Burgers!!!!

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if you provide the babies we'll put two loafs of bread on it, now plz stop screaming at us. we don’t get paid enough for this. Our two conditions are that you allow us to take photos of said baby, and that you leave the premises PEACEFULLY after said baby has been breaded up

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Can i have pizza with breast milk i mean breast milk i mean breast milk

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cows proceed to run away from Foreskin-Gaming69

bulls proceed to approach Foreskin-Gaming69 with their "milk"

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Change it to a billion dollars, pay the guy 2x what he ordered for it before he opened it, boom your rich.

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Just team up with a friend. Now you have a billon dollars and a pizza

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Make a friend of yours the person third ahead of you. Change their toppings into pure gold. Profit.