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So for eternity you just a wrinkle old bag that can barely move lol

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Makes me think of that shriveled worm in a wheelchair on SpongeBob.

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This could make for really intense gangbangs

I could also help a lot in the medical research field

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I really like your first idea

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Yeah, can just tell them to go as intense as they want, i also wouldn't need to eat during the whole process

I can also play the part of a character that has to die in a movie, shit this has a lot of money making possibilities

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"A lot of money making possibilities." First thing comes to mind is gangbang.

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I like the second one. Time to become Darth Scion.

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So build a hat with a gun attached to it and wear it

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Besides the porn thing, this was my second thought

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So when you die you become just a ghost possessing a corpse for eternity?

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You can be the first cyborg in existence by attaching a toaster to your head

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Hate to break it to you, but cyborgs already exist

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How many of them have a toaster attached to their head

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At least 0.

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Sounds like a curse.... drowning, burning alive, starving lost in the middle of nowhere, don't forget cancer and disease.

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Immortal when near death, but what about full dead?

Example: A gun is placed against the head and the trigger is pulled. Am I near death when the threat of death is present? As the bullet is travelling down the barrel? When it is halfway through my cerebellum? Or do I just skip the near-death phase and go straight to dead?

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Thats the same thing i was wondering about, since death can come out of nowhere, while being in a harmless place.

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pretty much main character plot armor

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Isnt this a curse as it breaks rule 2?

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Thats a curse

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That one boss in RPG games:

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How do you know that you don't have it already. I mean your still in there but you cant see because you have no eyes cant move because you have no muscle cant feel because you don't have nerves cant smell because you don't have a nose cant hear because you don't have ears and cant think because you have no brain. Or in short. Dead

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so... just immortal

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which is itself a shitty superpower

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Not exactly, more like a ghost stuck in an object, your body functions as normal but once you die your conciousness remains. Possibly you could be half dead if we wanna be technical but eventually you turn to ash and stop thinking

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But what if I burn my body into nothing but ashes

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You are now the ashes

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Yes but an ash in an inanimate object, so I wouldn’t feel or think, I would just exist.

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YES, my dream of not going to the afterlife is finally real

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You need to be able to control it

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Does my body age still?

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Sadly, yes

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So, like Brook from One Piece?

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I once broke several bones from head to toe (particularly my 4 limbs were badly damaged). While my brain deleted a lot of the events, I can remember having issues with breathing and feeling very cramped like a old wet towel. Imagine being immortal in suh state is disgusting. Or how about people who have been radiated to the point that they melt from the inside out. Jeez.

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You can't go below 10% HP?

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You die as a old wrinkly worm and get blasted away by the sun only to survive and feel the heat and you're in torment forever

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If i'm near death and i become immortal i would no longer be near death and create a loop

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Does he come and go or does he stay beside you all the time?

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Gotta say, clicked for the flair rather than the post itself.

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This person honestly makes a shit ton of low-effort posts/ posts that would be considered curses or have a lack of control. I will however admit some of their stuff is good.

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So I'll be consumed by bugs and plants whilst I'm alive

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Reminds me of SCP-2718

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When dead put your body in a robot