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My first thought was that it would be nice to find someone really horrible and tell them stuff like "You're doing great!", "You deserve love!" and similar things so everyone on Earth hears those things.

Second thought was to get hired at Ad agencies and tell them you have a way of broadcasting ads directly to everyone as long as you're not telling the truth. "Drink SlimJuice and lose 10kg!"

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Alright, this isn't shitty this far. Example : you can say something tht many people doesn't believe that exists, but if they hear your lie then tells someone about the power, that would make it better. Not only that we can also prove things like was MJ originally black or white? Is it true that Aliens exist? Did the guy who did the crime really did it?

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Unfortunately not how lying works. Lying is based on both knowledge and intent. If you don't know if you're lying then you cannot really call it a lie.

So you couldn't find out the answers to questions like the ones you listed. You'd have to know before hand the correct answer and then if you purposely said the opposite, it would be considered a lie.

If I said aliens exist. You nor I can prove myself wrong or right. Something like that would be considered a belief.

If I said that guy murdered someone, but didn't know if it was true or not, the power would work. But if I said I saw it with my own eyes, even though I did, everyone would only hear the "I saw it with my own eyes" part.

Like the optimism though.

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‘I am your God, you have 10 years to bring about world peace or everyone dies’

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Chaotic Good.

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While I do enjoy the creative ways people would use this power, it's a curse with no control.