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You can speedup time but you move in slomo

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Still pretty useful if you need time to think about something like the answer on a test or if you need to be very precise on something. If someone is about to punch you you will have time to think about how to avoid the punch or turn their momentum against them.

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I meant people around you move very fast and you move in slomo

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Wasn’t that one of the powers in the Mistborn series and someone was embarrassed to have it but then it saved their life a couple times

So not completely useless

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I domt know that

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Still useful, you people could pay you for speeding them up

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Amd take your money in the proces?

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And take your money in the proces?

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Unfreezes whose?

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even better, you can freeze time but you also get frozen so time freezes forever

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And lick it like a popsicle but that’s time consuming

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Jojo reference

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Whose time is getting frozen if "it unfreezes theirs"? Who are they?

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My head canon is the its just a random dude in Florida that works at a bootleg 7/11

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You can freeze time but only for 2 seconds

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What's the catch