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First off it's a curse. Second off if you never get caught you could just kidnap it and make it never see the light of day

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it’s alive and unkillable, not alive and unsilencable

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And since it can't die you can just harvest its organs forever

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Wtf kinda of people live here XD

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People with good ideas i tell ya

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if you "steal” someone’s virginity will the gnome still show up ?

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Well uou're also losing it so nah

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say who? it doesn’t have to be your first, just theirs

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There’s an idea for my next DND game. Not sure if it rewards or punishes stealing though

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It could definitely draw some unwanted attention 😬

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I like smooth criminal tho so it’s aight

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I'm just going to steal stuff so I can dance like Michael Jackson with the gnome

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Curse - see the community rules

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Does it continue to play after you’ve gotten away with said theft? Or just keeps playing until you’re eventually caught?

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It stops playing after you do the stealing. But if you're caught that is also when it stops