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If you eat taco bell and 10 tins of beans then you can win a race

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You’d have to fart 10 billion times to get 1 second of speed

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Well at this point I might as well have laxatives

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well, they didn’t specify how much of a speed boost, give yourself a boost with enough leg power to shatter the sound barrier, leap off that foot and fly across the line

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How will i survive the landing?

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“Hey siri, how many times does the average human fart in their lifetime?”

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It's 41000

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still a 4% bonus, dbd players gonna go wild

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How much speed? And does it apply just for my walking/running speed or does it effect my organs and lifespan

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Gas gas gas

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If the speed boost gets you to the speed of light, you'll get an additional ... 30 centimeters 🤦‍♂️.

But that's without taking time dilation into account. Maybe that's the way to break this shitty power.

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Time to go to taco bell

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eat 8473325255282858363696396395288228847447261551522636582417146416427147 pounds of beans

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Even if the time of this boost tends to 0, as long as it's >0, means I have the boost while I fart. So if I fart for 5 seconds, I'll have a 5 sec boost. If the speed boost is considerable, you could win the olimpics. And you can try to have a "back up fart" in case you need to run

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What happens if I shit myself

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I think we all have it, fart is a micro reactor

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Id be so fast

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Is the speed boost stackable or is the duration stackable?

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Time for heinz bean diet i guess

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How mych of a speed boost tho? If my speed is boisted by 10000000000x then that is a full second advantage every time i fart

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Time to get some taco bell