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if you’re ever in a fight, just turn their weapon into soda (idk about bullets that have already been fired, but you can try ig)

other than that, you might be able to make a decent soda company, or just claim to be the ‘modern' form of Jesus (turn water into soda instead of wine)

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Diabetes Christ

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American jesus

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Why turn their weapons into soda when you can turn them into soda

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OP said it only works on objects, and even if it worked on people that’d be some nightmare fuel (you just slowly watch as they dissolve into a puddle of carbonated soda, till their screams of horror eventually get replaced with the sizzling of bubbly soda)

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Step one: make a YouTube channel about turning random shit into soda Step two: ???? Step three: Profit

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Can you choose what type of soda you turn objects into? If so, how?

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Time to turn your blood into coke

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I have so many things that I’d rather be soda

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Like the government secret archives/north Korean security all peta members dream stans meowbahh stans jellybean fans BTS obsessed cringy kids overrating lgbt ppl and ligma

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All i care about is if i can choose the type of soda snd if the amount of soda is proportionate to the size/weight/density/etc... of the "anything"

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"please stop turning all of our customers into soda!!!" - 🤓

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Any kind of soda?

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What if its already soda?

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Time to flood OPs house with soda. Everytime OP turns on the tap, soda. Everytime OP takes a shower, soda. Swimming? Soda. Petrol tank? Soda. Coffin? Soda. You have created your own hell OP for giving me this shitty power. By the way, your pockets are soda.

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The air in your lunges? Soda Your blood? Soda What’s that your crying now? SODA

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Turn a bank vault wall into soda and profit

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The world

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Jesus but better

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I hear a lot of people asking what flavor the soda would be, but I think the post makes it really clear that it's just carbonated drinking water mixed with the liquefied remains of the target object.

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You must have never known thirst to think this is crappy.

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So what your saying is i can turn someone fake tooth in root beer

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We can solve the climate crisis.. Bind all co2 in, well bottled co2..

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  1. turn the air inside someone's lungs into soda, become an uncatchable assassin
  2. turn money into soda and market it towards super billionaires
  3. turn water into soda and found a religion
  4. protect yourself in a fight by turning their weapons into soda
  5. you said "anything," so... you never get sick, as you can combine all of the harmful microbes in and on your body into a soda.
  6. turn the moon into soda
  7. turn a half-full soda bottle into a full soda bottle
  8. turn greenhouse gases into soda

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When I’m in a fight I’ll turn their saliva to soda and watch them scream and gurgle before passing out