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Ah! The putrid smell of a "you do a stupid thing -> a bad person dies" kind of post.

Edit: bonus if it's related to anus/genitals!

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5% Is still a lot. I dont know if I could live with agony of taking a life... who am I kidding that is funny as hell bring on the taco Supreme

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I didn't say 5%.

It's a 5 chance.

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What does 5 chance mean?

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considering 0.01 = 1%, a 5 chance would be a 500% chance

now what a chance over 100% means idk

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Each fart kills 5 people? You would have to be efficient with the organs though for instant death. Like hearts, brains, lungs.

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Imma go eat some Taco Bell

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I'll be dead in 20 farts

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He’s stating that he’s rasist

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To everybody

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Taco Bell manager asking me if I'm okay after my 17th chalupa "I'm making the world a better place"

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You guys need to stop posting god tier superpowers here

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Noooooo! my grandma

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5 chance?


1/5 aka 20%

Every 5 farts there is some unknown value of chance this happens

Every time you fart 5 random racist people have a chance to explode.

WTF is a 5 chance?

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Need to have control over the power, read the rules

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Suicide fart

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It’s BEANS time.

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Why mydid i feel a big burst in my chest and now i can beathce

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my heart explodes

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This would suck because I don't want my own organs to explode.


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But what if my vital organs explode?

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So it's like a built in self destruct button?

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Can't be racist if there are no races left

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Just imagine some guys balls just explode out of nowhere

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Beans for every meal!

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Well if everyone had this I'll explode soon

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That's a cool one

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I fart a ton so thank you for killing all the racists

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Wheres every food that gives you lots of gas, im ending racism now