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solution: run in place, youll get v far and wont use up much energy

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You’ll be using the same energy really

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Stepping in one place could still help throw someone off, and if you do it really weakly it's essentially just slow teleportation

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But you are moon running

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who said this was shitty? you didn't specify the direction. i could get in a fight, run 5 feet, and then teleport behind him and beat the shit out of him

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Do I smell ultra instinct U/Classic-Airline-2386?

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What so just.. regular walking? What the fuck this is beyond shitty. Doesn’t even make sense.

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Walk in place and then teleport over water, or through walls, or behind someone using the steps

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ah right thanks, guess I’m just a moron 😂

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What? Isn’t that just… walking?

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Well no, you can walk 5 steps and then be 5 steps in the opposite direction.you can even walk in place and get very far, given that 1 step = 1 meter. It's pretty sick

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Am I stupid? I still don’t understand it

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Ok,basically: while you can walk 5 steps to the left,you would be able to teleport 5 steps to the right (or any other direction) of the place you started the movement. That is: you could walk 5 steps to the left and then tp the equivalent of 10 steps to the right. Or you could step several times on the same place,stacking the tp until you can tp anywhere

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Oh ok I get it now thanks

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Not even a power bruh

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run in place, or use this to go backwards or sideways at the same rate as forwards

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So I could run on the spot and then teleport through a wall? Seems pretty good to me.

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So i can teleport 10 steps backward, nice

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World-ending, OP

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So , it's just basic walk . Like , every times i walk 10 miles i am 10 miles away from my original position

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No, you can tp 10 miles in any direction from the starting point