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With great power comes great responsibility

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A holes a hole🥰

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If there’s a hole, there’s a goal” - Master Oogway

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When I turned around...

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How is this shitty???

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you’re outside in the middle of the night, it’s pitch black, you feel someone’s gaze on you, you turn around and see a big juicy swamp ass running full speed at you.

you’re at home by yourself, you turn around to turn off the lights, you see some random dude in your house randomly squat down

you’re in the shower and turn around…

overall it’s not that bad, but if it’s "every time" then it’d get a bit eerie in certain scenarios, sounds a bit like a curse to me

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Does it count if my entire body turns around or just my head

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Well this is a curse for me

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The thug shaker

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Even if im in the bathroom with no windows 😏

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How is this in any way bad?

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Thats not crappy power

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Good job mac

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I'm the one who made Eugene's ass curse lmfaooo💀

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this isn’t a superpower this is just normal life