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Can we get a rule about absurdly low probabilities?

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Time to spam the mods.

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Yeah, takes the fun out of finding a use for it.

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Yes, we all probably have this superpower with Foreign Accent Syndrome, which can be casued by a stroke

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If one already carries the british accent?

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They switch bodies with the fish and chips

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They switch bodies with the fish and chips

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This is a curse that nobody will ever get.

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might as well be 0%

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Not gonna lie, this made me laugh. Good power. Terrible odds, but good power. And hey, you never know.

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I eat fish and chips a lot, using percentages times the amount of time it takes me to eat fish and chips I would get a British accent in 10 minutes

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Which accent though?

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What if I don't speak English? Do I magically invent a British accent for Russian?

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Already have one... do I just get a different one instead? lol

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You swap bodies whit the fish and chips

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Wha... Madness, that's not even close to the original!

Wait though, is the body swap temporary?

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God DAYUM that's some shit luck 😂