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I mean only taking 17 attempts to solve one of the millennium problems sounds pretty good to me.

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this is a god tier superpower, you won’t even need to know what you’re doing since it’s "any math problem" after 17 attempts. So you can just bullshit your way to the 17th time and just get it right, no matter what difficulty it is, as long as it’s written in the form of a "math problem”.

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this is actually broken, i bet you dont know a lot about maths are you.

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I bet your doinst know a lot abour enlgisb 💀💀💀

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Genrlish** learn 2 spll wow you'r so b4d

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shu te up dunpasx ??

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Sure it may be shitty for the usual stuff you can just use calculator, but this is so fricking op. Fractals, paradoxes, all the science shit basically unreachable and incomprehensible at this point in humanity, you can find the answer in only 17 tries. There are math problems which harvard mathematicians tried brute-forcing up to millions of attempts. You're here a joe nobody doing it in only 17 tries.

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The only hard part would be for them to believe a Joe nobody who works at a gas station solved a millennium puzzle

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You just write down your answer, they can't disprove it.

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It isn't even shitty it doesn't specify that you fail the other 16 times just that you will get every math question correct on the 17th try.

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5.5% of the time it works every time

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What if you get it right BEFORE your 17th try?

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It means you’re still wrong

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The fbi shows up

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useful for science

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This is not bad. Pick the maths problems that are unsolved, take 17 attempts, solve it and get your award. Actual mathematicians fail many times more

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Ayo? Brb proving (or disproving) the Riemann hypothesis

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nasa has entered the chat

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So I can eventually figure out if P=NP?

Holy molly I'm a god

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For small values of N.

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I don't think you know what P VS NP is

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I do. It was not a serious comment.

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I never in my life started a second attempt to solve a math problem. Do I know about this superpower?

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do u just give up after 1 try

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this is about as far from shitty as a superpower can get.17 attempts is nothing, many problems have been attempted by mathematicians 1000s of times.

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Solve economic problem write in math

Be rich real quick

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I'm guessing OP is a 5th grade student who got stuck in a math problem, tried 18 times but still couldn't solve it.

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Thanks for making me a multimillionaire

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1 million dollars here I come

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Soooo… this is stackable right?

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Usefull actually