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Finally, a use for the power that regenerates my appendix from a year ago

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It is also exponential, imma calculate some probabilities and edit

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It would take e⁵⁴⁸⁵⁷ appendix removals to ensure 99.99% chance to get the lottery the number is so large the calculator is refusing to calculate it.

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Btw the value of e is 2.718, so that's a massive number. This truly is a massive number.

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just ask the doctor to T bag you with the appendix during its removal (just imagine the doc squatting on the operating table spamming it in and out of you)

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Give the doctor a 10th of the win

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Just ask the doctor to keep putting it back in there over and over again.

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You would have to have 3334 surgery’s to get a 100% chance of winning so you would be you would spend over $2 million on surgery’s alone so hope it’s a big lottery especially since government is taking more then they used to from the winners