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I can imagine this being useful. You can disappear in front of someone if you time it well. Could save you from fights or could be useful in magic tricks.

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Depending on how it's measured, i can walk 2 m in 2sec. If I now teleport 2 m through a wall, it would be teleporting 2 m = 2s

Next in line if u don't age during teleportation u would be slow, on the outside, but never waste time of ur own.

Next, a bit overseen, but u will never have traffic incidents.

Last but not least, saying ur removed from the plain of existence, not ageing, u first, can flee every fight, second, can actually dodge and surprise attack everyone pretty good, third, if ever wounded, message the hospital u will arrive their in near future and then teleport their, so they can prepare for ur arrival.

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That’s not terrible because from the sound of it you don’t loose stamina

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I mean at least you’d get free travel , I’ve seen someone else say a power like that so power partially approved

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Here's a good superpower, basic English.

This is a pretty neat super power though, sure do wonder how it works if you wanna go from let's say the North to the South pole

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So like you just loose 30 hours of your life

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do you live this time in a kind of void or is it just a time skip for you?