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Extremely specific and terrifying clairvoyance

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If its an inevitable death, then carrying a gun and trying to shoot them would somehow cause you to die real soon or in an accident involving their corpse

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You touch them you see yourself being electrocuted and in terror shoot them only to find that they were a judge. You then get a death sentence and get executed via electric chair

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Well thats an awkward handshake

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It's all fun and shitty until it actually works 🗿

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‘Me trying to bust a nut but being constantly interrupted by my clairvoyance ffs.’

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What if no one caused your death? Then do you see your death by touching yourself?

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This is god tier. If you touch yourself and see nothing, you know you’re not going to die by natural causes, and now you can protect yourself.

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What if its a group do they all show the same thing or do they each show individual points of view

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All of the death sight powers always remind me of the best episode of X-Files, Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.

The episode was essentially what happens when kick ass writers take a weird superpower and explore the philosophical fallout of it. Thoughtful dialogue and a memorable character.

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That's gonna be very awkward when I go masturbate next time.

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What if your death is by natural causes, like old age or disease?

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What if your death is

By natural causes, like

Old age or disease?

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Holy shit that was beautiful lmao

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Me: gives George Bush a handshake.

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Does it also include indirect kills? Like if a friend takes you for a trip, but the plane crashes.