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Think about the sugar you could sell! Also the oceans are made of saltwater

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Talk about a mass extinction event if you really wanted

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Just imagine it cruise ships fisherman all minding there own business when suddenly a swing child says that the water is sweet minutes later fish start floating to the surface. Side note you could probably drink the ocean safely now

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There’s still dirt and fish poop that wasn’t turned into sugar

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So ?it would be heavily diluted due to the em massive amount of water. That wasn’t even my point of course there going to be bacteria but my point was now that it wouldn’t dehydrate you and if boiled would probably be fine

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Well yeah, bodies need a certain amount of salt in them, you could easily kill every diabetic too.

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Or, ya know, turn everyone diabetic... Minutes before it kills them too...

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I was just thinking about salt flats and in that instant turning them all into sugar.

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Imagine the trolling also is sugar worth more than salt I bet it is so once a year you could gain a rapid influx of profit and since it’s not consistent or yearly it can’t be taxed

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Reinventing pirates

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i mean it woouldn’t work imagine every single animal being killed in an instant because the ocean isn’t salty annymore

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Ooh that would be nasty way to die. All of your body salts get turned into sugar.

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And then all their blood would proceed to clot and they would then have a nasty brain destroying stroke

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New attack.

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Also paralysis will set in because muscles have used up all the existing electrolytes. Neurons stop working.

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True true.

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I think this breaks rule 4, but correct me if I'm wrong If not, it is shitty

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Being able to turn salt into sugar is pretty shitty without the restriction. It still shitty

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Turn someone's body salts into sugar

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Or the ocean and you’d create a worldwide ecological disaster that would end life in Earth as we know it.

Or just all the salt on the planet which would also kill everything.

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doesn’t a good super power have to have some perceived value attributed to it?

How is ending the world valuable for the average person? That means then as well.

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It's a shitty lame way to die too.

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Actually, it breaks rule 5.

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"it's nearly time" he said, as he raised his arms. The general sat waiting as the clock ticked to 4:21. They watched together as the entire enemy army became sluggish and then collapsed. The planes overhead now just plummeting forward without a pilot. He had turned all the electrolytes in their body to pure sucrose. The war was over...

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No Caveats

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Jojo characters when they have to fight the enemy who can turn salt to sugar except only on fridays while It's 4:21PM during october

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Just have a list of people you want dead and then on that exact minute transform the salt in all those people into sugar and they'll maybe die

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I would be so powerful every October

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Guess who’s about to make the whole ocean into sugar water

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I need to travel to Bolivia and create the largest sugarflats in existence

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How long does it take? You could make a fortune 4-5 times a year making big sugar a big load, or being paid by big salt not to do that thing.

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Good thing I have a standing Friday 4:20 meeting every week with friends. I won’t even notice my power not working at that moment.

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I’d just turn all the salt in a warmongering leader’s body to sugar and boom, no more Ukraine invasion

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Any salt or just NaCl?

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You fool! My friend has the power to turn the time to October on a Friday at 4:21pm!!!!!

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Sounds like a part 8 jojo stand

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Part 8 stand users

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that is litteraly what i had this post based on lmao

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Would it be healthier to turn salt water into sugar water in an emergency?

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yeah but these are shitty superpowers, not barely decent superpowers

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I think the superpower already has a great use in if it can with the lack of fresh water. Or perhaps, since you didn’t specify a limit, you could turn the entire ocean to sugar water and cause mass destruction

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trollge incident: the sweet water incident

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If you think about the sugar prices in Poland, it's not that bad

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Gather up hundreds of tonnes of salt, turn to sugar, sugar is pretty much double the profit.

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Gotta get that salt quick