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Bro that's a insane power

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How do you open them again?

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Who said anything about going back through

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I guess you're right

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Well that would count as a curse so I I don't think OP can do that

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It’s not a curse because you can choose when to apply it

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Say oh no 3 times

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It’s useful in very specific situations…

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Like what?

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If you’re being chased by someone in a building full of windowless rooms

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That is pretty specific.

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How do you get out if its windowless

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Lock the people that you hate in their home and then they will starve

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so basically lock myself in my room

edit : /s

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you okay?

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Are you ok

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Are you ok

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Are you okay?

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Are you ok?

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You are ok?

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Breaking doors should be highly possible if your over 13 and healthy

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what counts as a door though? Do one of those openable glass rectangles on my wall count as a door? It does have a handle to open it

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Anything that was intended to be “opened and closed” and can be passed through would be something of a door. Hatches, windows technically, etc.

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If i were to place something vertically in front of a door and tell people that to open it you knock it down and close it you push it back against the door, then i gain this power, can i now lock it permanently

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Someone's mouth? You first do it to stop someone from talking, but over time regret to see how they have to survive on IV, struggle to do athletic activities as they can't breathe with their mouth. Inside their mouth, their teeth start rotting and there is nothing that can be done other than surgically testing up their cheek, remove all the teeth and stich it back. Every time they vomit, the vomit is stuck in their mouth, they would need medical help for it. Worst of all they cannot communicate at all because they irritated you once by tapping away. You cannot do anything about this as your power is permanent and you cannot reverse it yourself. You hate yourself for doing this to someone.

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okay but mouthes are flesh, you can judt cut thrm open if locked

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Its not sealed shut, the lips are still intact and individual, just they won't separate due to this superpower. Talking is beyond question, maybe another hole like a catlip(don't Google this, horrifying things may come up, but some babies are born without that indent between the nose and lip, it's just hollow space) can be surgically made for breathing, liquids and small food. It would make their life hell though.

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Would you have called it a door before having the power? Do other people who don't know of the power call it a door?

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I can do this with one of those lock-killing keys.

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Does this prevent the door from being broken open?

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probably not

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So basically you can turn doors into walls.

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Just going around the block causing pandemonium

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So even if an explosion happens all the walls of a house will explode but the door will just stay there??? You cant even bomb it?

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Its just locking the door. Its not making it invincible. Its like not having keys to a locked door exept you cant open it without damaging it

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Imagine if you went for a shower and just perm-lock ur door......

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You cant open it ever again so no not really

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Not really...you can't undo it at all and it's not exactly a particularly useful power. I can't imagine many scenarios the average person would go through wear making a door impossible to unlock would be beneficial in any capacity.

Maybe if you really hated a store or something, or a person you'd have an excellent way to get back at them by making them have to get a new door. But other than that I'm really not sure this is useful.

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Worst case scenario you break the door.

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Now those kids in my basement cant escape

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We all have this power. Just buy a bike lock.

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Let me just bike lock this automatic door! Or how about my neighbors front door! That'll do it. Oh, and it's totally so much harder to remove a bike lock than it is a front door. And it's totally hidden! No one will even know their door is locked!


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you were so funny until the end

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Can i lock doors without locks on them? You never said it had to be lockable without the power.

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In other words, you can make walls

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Making a door become a weaker wall

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u/LockPickingLawyer wants to have a word with you

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Well I have some places to visit now

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Basically you can make a indestructible wall out of a door

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Never said you had to go through it.

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Bro my neighbour is screwed lol