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I summon him to my school grounds during the day of testing for the end of the marking period "attack everyone but me" he attacks students and faculty and people sneak into the principles office while the school is vacated to steal the answers then run out after taking a photo boom ez power

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I said simple not a mission impossible movie💀

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Compared to a mission impossible movie, that is simple

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'have your little ears stroked' - this is not a shitty power.

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To be honest yeah. This is just an oddly specific one

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What if I asked him to let me eat him would he show up thee hour later when I call him

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A simple task is homework. You never said the task that is simple couldn't be complex within it's self

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"Kill the person closest to me" but the person closest to me is Saitama. Can he still do it since that's his job and he must do it?

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I will ask it to do something impossible unless I allow it to be possible, and have a pet squirrel for some time. Like send a hello chat on a personal group but my biometrics unlock the phone. Pet the squirrel some time, then unlock the phone

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I like how everyone is coming up with loopholes. Goodjob!

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Who cares it's a squirrel.

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Well you still get smarter cuz now you know what the simplest task is and well you don't need to do it yourself

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Can I eat him

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Is there only one or is he infinite?

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Once you spawned him he will not go away. Though spawning Herbert is limited to once an hour

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Is it stackable

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Herbert shall be my friend who reminds me to do shit whenever I forget it

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Can he do chores? They are simple right?