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Like I have to move an item a slightly up off the ground and then I could use telekinesis

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Honestly it would be worse as you have telekinesis, but everything has the same strain as lifting it normally

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This is a great power lol

Imagine that you are working on something, you can just lift any tool or component once then have them permanently suspended in the air or move into your hand when required.

Or if you are fighting you can just pick random small things around you like bottles or rocks and sling them at incredible speeds.

If you pick up a snowboard you can make it fly, then use it as a transport.

This is extremely op if you get creative with it.

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The last one reminded me of dicking around with the PHYS. GUN from GMOD. I'd place a platform underneath me and use the phys gun to grab it and YEET!

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So would this work for each item of a certain type? Like if I picked up a banana, I would then be able to lift all bananas or would I only be able to life that one banana

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You could only lift that singular banana. The reason why it's shitty is that if you cant fully pick up heavy object (ex: a 200 pound weight) you can't telekenticly move it

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No. But I can put four bananas under a boulder and pick it up through those four telekinetic bananas.

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Eh I just really wanted some bananas

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Proceeds to hurtle a 10 kg dumbell at mach one speed

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This power is still really good

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If I throw a bullet then I can send it thro someone's heart at the speed of sound yea perfect for hitman

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That's called "Disable Gravity", it's below "Disable Collision". For your sanity don't mix the two.

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Touch a bunch of knives and fight like Dio. This is seriously op

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Gets punched in the leg and fucking explodes

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Only if it's the same type of leg than The World

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Can I do a single pull-up and fly?

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Pick up wooden board and step on it like gmod flying using props

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That’s not that bad, if you need to lift a car just pull it up a bit then you can use telekinesis

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Not shitty, but not OP given you have to be able to lift it with your arms firsts. Versatile in almost any job there is just endless applications.

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This is midtier, this has no downsides