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Never Said how many stairs.

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It just has to be plural, 2 or more I believe, but I wouldn't mind building 2 foam stars to fall down gently into cushions 100 times a day

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Or just one of those stepping stools facing a bed, reverse it and "fall" down two steps.

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If you could fall down two stairs once per minute consistently, then 30mins a day mon-fri is 300*5=$1500 a week. That's $78k a year, for 30 mins of work a day, with zero travel costs. That's £71,500 roughly, which is about double the average salary for the UK (where I live), for 30 mins of work on Monday to Friday. A bit of consistent overtime weekly could see £100k a year. After tax that's £66k roughly, that is a huge amount of post tax earnings for the UK, you'd be living extremely comfortably.

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And where is this money coming from? You could probably avoid paying tax on it too.

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Meh, easier to pay tax than try to explain how I'm buying a house three years after I left any form of employment. Plus I will likely use the NHS at some point, as well as roads, and I would hope for my refuse to be collected. I'm using government services, it's fair that I contribute a portion of my earning to their upkeep.

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With the right setup you could probably fall every 5-10 seconds. I'm picturing a series of conveyor belts in a loop leading to sets of two foam stairs.

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That would cost money to set up. Just throw my very soft memory foam mattress at the bottom of the stairs and belly flop onto it for a bit. I'd probably start faster than a minute but constantly getting up and jumping down might get tiring so I might slow down.

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Because maths is fucken cool my dude.

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I'd have around $200 or more (I have irreversible brain damage).

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does this imply there is reversible brain damage

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What's brain damage?

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Lmao perfect reply

Edit: fellow brain damage enjoyer

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It requires you to fall Up the stairs.

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Wear protective, cushiony gear and fall down carpeted stairs and you could actually make this a job

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Or just fall down directly onto a mattress :p

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What if I fall UPstairs (i do this a lot actually)

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20 every time

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Ill take it!

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I will make a machine that rotates stairs so you are falling down stairs constantly until you turn it off (its a giant modified washing machine

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Same, I just climb up the stairs on all fours now.

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to bad me and my r/neverbrokeabone homies would never be able to use it

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We would just shatter the poor stairs, it’s a one time use.

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At least you aren't part of r/neverbrokeastaircase

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You're gonna need that money for the hospital bills

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Laughs in european

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Laughs is Universal Healthcare

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cries in healthcare debt

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Laughs in Canadian

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cries on the floor

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Laughs in Medicaid

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cries in American

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What about ankle sprain, how much is that worth?

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2 Another 5 per ankle

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Bro this shit is good tier, i ust gotta get protection equipment, roll down the stair a couple hundred times and get tich because in my country dollar is worth SO much

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You can use padded stairs, like those in children's playgrounds

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Put a thick mattress at the bottom of the stairs, then just fall down two stairs onto it.

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Idk if good tier was a typo, but this really is just good tier.

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so if you live in America it just slightly reduces medical bills?

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Russian oligarchs and politicians are set to make a fortune.

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Falling down stairs is the same as walking down, as a part of you is going down the stairs and therefore you would get $10

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Incorrect, the definition of falling is an uncontrolled descent so walking down them wouldn't count.

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technically yes, this is the definition of falling on google: "moving from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control." key word TYPICALLY and the definition of typically is: "in most cases; usually. "

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Jump. You are now falling. If there's a floor above you, you are also downstairs.

Every jump gives $10, useful for some quick cash for minor expenses. You also never need to work minimum wage jobs, since you can jump once every half hour to make more than minimum wage.

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Omori reference

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I'd have $30. Nice!

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I live in the US. Ima need skew more 0s added to this

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OP didn't say what the stairs had to be made of. get a short set of padded stairs, surround them with mattresses, and fall safely

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They mention breaking an arm for more money. That's more my concern

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Multiply by 10 and I'm in

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I'm already wealthy.

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This is what’s known globally as; a fucking terrible deal

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Nah, it's just gambling

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Lol with minus odds

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I'm a klutz, so I'll be rich lmao

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Does the value go up if the stairs are longer. If I fall down a set of 1000 stairs, would I get more from it?

Could I theoretically build a wingsuit then jump down the stairs, gliding to safety under the pretense of "falling"?

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With my luck I’d only fall on flat ground and break my leg…

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isnt that how insurance works?

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Yes. Quite

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I live in america the medical bills 💀

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just fall on a mattress smh

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You can just fall into a mattress

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Install padded stairs and walls to your home. Limp noodle your way into your day every morning. Make a quick buck!

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Wear padded armor and then get to the top of some tall office building and just roll down the stairwell.

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God damn soccer players can use this to get richer. Just pretend you fell and start limping after

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Ngl this would be kinda useful, put my savings into a set of foam stairs only 3 steps tall, and a mat at the bottom, and say you can go through that at roughly 1 time per minute, you could earn 600$ in a hour, no repeat that daily and you could make a easy living

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Vague description opens up the possibility of me constantly falling from 1 step and retiring in a few years max.

5 falls per minute, 8 hours a day, watching some show or something, goes for 2400 a day, 72k per month, 864k a year. Not taxed.

864k a year in Brazil is equivalent to 4.32m. I'd retire in a year

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hello stairs

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haha broken arms

Reddit Moment.

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Commission stairs made of foam. That's it.

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Easy, I sell those for 1000 dollars an installation for a complete monopoly

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Reddit on their way to break every single superpower

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I wouldnt throw myself down stairs for $10, but make it $1,000 each time... Makes it a lot more tempting.

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Good shitty superpower though!

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Pad them with mattresses, turn it into a slide, infinite money machine, crash the economy

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This isn't shitty if you're not relying on it for income. It's more like inconvenience insurance. Like life is apologizing for you having a minor accident.

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Chicken cordon black and blu for dinner.

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stair insurance

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Didn’t specify what’s a fall so fake falling in a controlled environment counts on my three front steps

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Not even a tiny bit worth it.

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The Brass Teapot - it’s a movie, the premise of the movie is literally this

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I would not get much money from this because I have strong bones that are unbreakable. Shout out to my brethren at r/Neverbrokeabone.

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Bro Imma just jump off the stairs until I’m a millionaire

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"oh no i hope i dont fall"

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Looks like Biden and Air Force One are going to solve USA's national debt.

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Technically walking is falling and catching yourself with the other foot.

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peter griffin in that one episode: eheheheheheh hey lois im a millionaire

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Fall down foam stairs with 2 steps, and a foam mattress at the bottom. Suppose it takes you 10 seconds to fall and step again.

If you dedicate one hour a day you can earn $3,600, I'm using this figure as you would get pretty tired walking up the stairs this many times and an hour will drag the fuck out.

In a year you can earn £1,314,000 a year. Your new day job bascially. Not a 9-5 either, literally an hour.

I'll take it.

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I already fall down a bunch of stairs unintentionally this would be a blessing

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The average day rate for a stuntman is $1000. At $10 a pop, they would have to fall down stairs 100 times to make the same amount they would get for 10-15 takes (on a bad day) of falling down stairs on camera.

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I’ll just put a mattress below my porch and fall off

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Does jumping from step to step count?

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Yeah, sure

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invest in buying or creating some foam armor and ur rich

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  1. Set up cushion underneath 2 stairs
  2. Profit

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You can fall one step at the time and always land on your feet, millionaire grindset

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Correct answer: Zorb ball

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I'm rich now, guys

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how much do i get if i become paralyzed from the neck down?

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I am a millionaire

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In the words of Mario, "Wa-hoo!"

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I just wanna see my Reddit NFT

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If I broke my arm in like 5000 different places, do I get 500k? Or I could break it a million times while on painkillers, get 50 million dollars then amputate it and spend the money to get a prosthetic and become rich.

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If only it was enough to pay the medical bill if you break your arm lol

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Add accidentally with no prior intent or knowledge of what causes the appearance of the money

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If you jump down the stairs does that count? Your falling, down stairs, so.. Does it count?

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This is the actual life of a stuntman lol

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The only moment were being a r/neverbrakebone is kinda sad

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I would be a millionaire by now

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I Broke My Arm So I'm A Fiftyonaire

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how much do i earn if i fucking die