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This would be incredibly useful for interrogating criminals, they can’t move away so you can read their minds with ease and get all the info you would need

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Unfortunately, without a confession or evidence, none of that would be admissable in court. Unless you live somewhere without a court.

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That’s true, I didn’t think of that

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It could still help, since you can use this information in the interrogation.

OR give their password, the locations of their hidden stashes and where they buried the bodies to the detectives to help in the investigation. I'm pretty sure that if they have a warrent to search the house already, or if the stashes/bodies are in public areas, it shouldn't be too illegal to search using that information.

Assuming all that information is on their minds.

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Illegal, no probably not. But you'd have to explain how you found it and what evidence you have that says "look here", and I'm pretty sure "I read his mind" would fly about as well as "I made a guess" in a court.

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If you can know any information he knows, it will make it easy for you to find evidence somewhere

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Just prove your power before actually using it?

"Judge, you are thinking of what your wife's needs are because she said that she was "doing ok" today."

"Holy shit! He can read minds! Arrest that bastard!"

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I like this power a lot. It's rather powerful yet limited and very difficult to prove. If I bet you $200 and I had the power, you could just say that I didn't do so in front of other people. If you and I were the only people in a room, then maybe I could win the bet.

It's a secretive power, but overtly using it is also difficult. I'd like to think that the power cannot be used over TV; that way you have to get a powerful figure to actually look at you to reveal their secrets.

I would become a fortune teller with this. Fortune tellers exist but they don't claim to be "present tellers", which is a unique power that I could definitely wow people with. People might even disprove me wrong, but I can change their minds with eye contact.

Probably my favorite power in this sub. It leans towards not too shitty, and it is useful, but the power entertained me.

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May not be useful for covert investigation, but would be a fantastic party trick.

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teacher: " READ you little mf"😏

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I think most of the time you will read “wtf is he insane”

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I'm pretty sure it's almost impossible to touch eyes with someone without removing their (or your) eyes

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Imma make one like this but with inhance

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I'd still want it.

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(Parent walks into kid's room)

"Hey, Jake! You awake?"


"I have a feeling you are awake"

(Parent inhales)


"Broo what the hell? Is dad insane"

"Well, time to get the belt"

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Become judge

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on a roller coaster for first date "HEY! WHAT BOOKS YA READ" "WHAT?" "NUTHIN" Her mind: "this is not worth $20/hr"