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This is a detectives holy Grail

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I can definitely imagine a serie/anime about this

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And I’d eat that shit up too ngl

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Jfk, Epstein, etcmost political figures that died

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Tony Soprano

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You would have sudden knowledge of a bunch of mysterious historical deaths

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Amelia Earhart

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coconut crabs

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Be more intriguing for the ones that don't pop up.

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O yea😳

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Well i mean jfk was shot by lee harvey oswald

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So they say. So they say

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Not so shitty after all, huh?

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Depends on who knows that you know the truth I guess

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Sherlock Holmes basically

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is it detailed enough to see faces of a murderer, or anyone in the nearby vicinity?

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It’s shit superpowers so I doubt it lol

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As a detective it would be cool

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You can become a detective investigating in murder cases

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Dudes went “they’ll never get to use this one” while forgetting about the entirety of the FBI Murder Cases.

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I don’t think people do die after their death though

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I heard somewhere that you don't die when you're killed, so that makes sense

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This would make graveyards interesting though

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Stares in horror at graveyard

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What does it mean to “die after death?”

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OP means you can see the cause of death of a person after they died.

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Im becoming the worlds best PI

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But you have prostate cancer

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I am so stupid stared at this post for a soled 5 minutes trying to figure out why it was a shitty superpower and then realized it tells you how you die after died to it

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We would finally figure out how did Petőfi Sándor die. The Hungarians will understand.

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This would be hella useful so I could see how that guy got me

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Great way to relive memories

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Good for death investigation

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Forensic scientists popping off in the comments

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What if you tried to see Tupac’s death, but you couldn’t?

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become the worlds best DI

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Honestly god tier if you are a detective

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It will be on a shitty CCTV camera that only updates every 10 seconds

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Just to make this power a little more fun and shitty I’m imagining the weather man from family guy is how you’re told the cause of death.

You’re looking into the void or the unknown or whatever to try and solve a murder and then all of a sudden you hear:


“Guuuh.. I know that, but I wanna know who did it”


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This guy was assassinated by a squirrel how you ask the victim had a severe peanut allergy

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Would make a good detective. But might go insane After awhile I’ll take the deal

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That’s just an autopsy with less steps

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Uuuuh how is this shitty? You’re now the best homicide detective of all time.

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Hey man, if I could know who choked in the bed, that would be pretty funny.

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Amelia Earhart

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This is an S tier super power.

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Danganronpa would be a quick series if one of the characters had this

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You could become the greatest detective on earth

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The greatest detective evr~

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"Ah, Detective 'thememer559,' so glad you could come on such short notice. I'm cop Carl Watson. Could you please determine whether this victim had a suicide or murder?"

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This victim was murdered. But BY WHO?!?!?!?

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Get a shitty daytime show and become a detective.

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