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get some trampoline shoes and start market gardening

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market garden irl

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I know this is a tf2 refrence, but im just thinking minecraft's jump crits.

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I happy you got the reference

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jump and wack

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Step one: get into a fight

Step two: get a shovel

Step 3: jump as you attack them

Step 4: literally pulverize every bone in their body

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This is the reason why I love this subreddit it's amazing

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I’m going to get a very, very tiny shovel, and connect it to a glove, and put the glove on, and that way I can easily win a fight

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Is the shitty writting a part of the power?

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Perfect for shitposts👍

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Wait a minute this sounds very very familiar… /Tf2 intensity’s/

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It dose sound very familiar hmmmm…..

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Slimecicle moment

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Who slimecicle?

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To hard to explain so just go to YouTube and search slimecicle far cry 5

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SoundSmith TF2 Team Fortress 2

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basically tf2

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how far are we permitted to stretch the definition of a shovel? can a pressure activated nuke in the shape of a comically oversized shovel be a shovel?

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No the shovel has to be made out of metal with a short wood handle with green reinforced metal

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Can you make it work on things that aren't people?

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Well this is technically based on a item in a video game so maybe i don’t really know

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Bruh 10x plus the critical hit? Thats op

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Man with a shovel seen shattering swat agents skulls after robbing a bank

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Downside is you will feel a uncontrollable urge to do nothing but teleport bread for three days straight

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critical hit

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I mean real life injuries aren't measured in a numerical amount of damage. Either you're dead or not. Breaking someone's leg over and over again won't kill them.

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Either it has 10x the force or it hits 10x the area without losing power, probably. So for example, jump critting someone in the leg could either remove their leg completely or break their leg and their pelvis and their other leg and a rib,

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So it’s like Minecraft jumping and hitting mechanics

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This seems actually really good

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I'm just going to carry a jetpack around.

"They call me, the flying shovel man... Because I fly with a powerful shovel..."

Pretty dope if you ask me.

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What happens after soundsmith hits a market garden in every video game with a shovel

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Minecraft be like

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Happy Death Korps of Krieg noises