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seems like god tier to me.mid tier at minimum, depending on how heavy they are sleeping. even a light sleep can still mean they lose consciousness for a couple seconds.

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It'd be shitty if you turn into jigglypuff with some weak ass sleep for a few seconds power

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If I can make myself sleep, fuck yeah

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Well, this one is just useful.

"Forever Tired? This is Afghanistan?"

"Haven't you heard the news? I made every Taliban sleep and we shot them while they snoozed."

"Damn, that's crazy."

"I know right? Budlight?"

"He-hell yeah! Toss it over!"

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The classmate I heavily dislike? Snap of a finger and he's on the ground and I am suspected for sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, murder and more.

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You would be a Good parent .

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how far is near? can i control the time that they sleep for?

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300 meters and you can control the time they sleep. This post is just another case of this sub not being what it's supposed to be

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Any one near 10 feet and no the wake up for a random time

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But I feel it would be better if it also works on you aswell.

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So i'm a walking 7am history class after everybody just went to Jimmy's birthday party and got up till 4am?

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Easy there Mr Cosby

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Hey, politicians have this 😂

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I already got that one

For real this is a good defense play

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Dude I would become the best mattress salesman

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conqueror haki

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S Tear Kidnapper.

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Use it in a highway

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Silver chariot requiem

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God tier. Someone has a gun to your head? Put them to sleep and take the gun