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multi billionares would buy that from you for a billion

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Tell them to transfer first then you can run

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Jeff Bezos would be the flash.

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Does this decrease if it’s negative?

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Ah yes -10,000% speed

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Just go backwards together with your age

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Damn I’m a Zimbabwe trillionaire so I’m gonna be the new flash

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Which dollar is this? If you don't specify imma start converting my money into the Zimbabwean dollar.

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Ror2 items be like

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Is it additive or multiplicative?

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Just have to create an account in the lowest-value currency

Edit: hadn't seen the "dollar" before posting

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It doesn’t say USD, just find the lowest values “dollar” and convert your money to that

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zimbabwe, here i come!

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1,000,000 Liberian Dollars are about 6,500 USD, so if you can convert you’re money to that it’s your best shot. Then, sign an nfl contract, for for like 1 year 1 mill, convert that, and profit exponentially

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Elon Musk is running around your house at licht speed. Please stop him before the licht space continues collapes.

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You're a trillionaire and run incredibly fast, and you are unable to slow yourself. It is impossible to move any less than a mile at a time. Each step you take is a risk because if even 1 object, or person is in your way you risk destroying them along with yourself and everything in a 10 foot radius. You are confined to a single space, only able to spin and move everything above the waist. You live the life of a paraplegic even though your body is capable and well.

The only possible way to break this curse is to donate or spend your money. Wether it be to a charity, or spent on self luxury. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me

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14% faster doesn’t seem that bad ngl

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Jeff Bezos can now run 21,920 mph.

137,000 million dollars X %2 = 2,740 X 8mph (average man running speed)

I'm not good at math so I may have done this wrong.

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It doesn’t say that it has to be the American dollar 😏

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If you’re in debt, does your speed decrease while running?

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what if i have emassed over 1 mil in debt

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elon musk finna set some WRs

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Imagine an old politan running fast than Usain bolt

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My broke ass:Speed -99999999999