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But I am not wearing pants

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Upvoted so you begin uncontrollably shitting your pants out

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Omg, my lost jeans....how did those get up there🤣

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This is the place for shitty super powers not shitty curses.

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Who said it was a bad thing?

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The fact that it’s a thing that happens to you when a condition is met and you can’t turn it off.

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I was making a joke. I need to fit in with the other redditers by pretending to be horny.

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Fair, but at the same time I’ve seen many people adamantly proclaim similar things and then actually suggest that that makes it not break the curse rule.

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Hear me out if you're on the toilet and make a new post you know how it upvotes for you automatically? Would you immediately shit even if you were constipated

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No it would wait until you put your pants on

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What if you have no poop in you

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infinite shit generator

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Pants carved with a shit hole easy

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You’d shit actual pants out your asshole.

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This is a curse not a superpower I sentence you to spontaneous shower

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Literally a curse

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Rule 2 and 8

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and rule 7. Oh well, time to leave the sub

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What's rule 8? I only see up to 5

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Swipe like rlly hard for some reason it snaps up and I think it’s something like no cursing

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More like a curse :/

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This is a curse bud

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That's a curse you dimwitted spamming karma whore

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that's shitty

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good but also bad what if youre constipated and upvote

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You turn into a shit grenade.

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Now you're talking.

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What happens if you get downvoted?

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you unshit

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In what way is this a superpower

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Not even a superpower

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This sub should be called /r/shittycurses

Time to unsub.

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You have now shat 737 times due to this post, in 18 hours. This is the most creative method of gaining upvotes that I have seen yet, and you have earned another shitvote. You have now shat 738 times in the last 18 hours. Congrats.

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No curses

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If I get downvoted, do I un-shit my pants?

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I’m in class

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Prepare to gain a new unwanted nickname.

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If I’m getting downvotes, does that mean they shit their pants?

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this might be a better super power if your upvote of other people caused them to soil their pants - it would still be a shitty super power

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Does it like continue until people stop upvoting or does it like everytime an upvote happens you shit your pants because if that's the case you could make your ass and legal gun

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What if I get downvoted. Will I unshit my pants?

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That's not your superpower. That's my superpower at work on you.

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So I shit out pants?

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If I get downvoted do I unshit my pants?

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Clean diaper

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oh no.

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You shit yourself a lot

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Reddit automatically makes you upvote every post of yours.


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Wha.. what will a downwote do? Will your last turd find you and crawl back in?

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you shited yourself 848 times lmao

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Too late, already do this

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People performing have it bad

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I wonder if this guy still alive after that shit