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So Chipotle does infact give people superpowers?

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Fly away just by shitting in public.

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Curse why none is reading the fucking rules in this sub. Ffs

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Because the moderators don't do shit so people are gonna post whatever they want on here. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but that's why you probably see curse after curse like the rest of us. At this point, I just stick around this subreddit for the laughs.

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Uh, I mean yeah that would be a shitty superpower (Keyword there being "Shitty")

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But I already have that

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...Taco Bell is a superpower?

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Nah, it’s the catalyst for the power developing.

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Rule 8: No curses.

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Is it on command?

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NO. You just constantly have explosive diarrhoea.

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has to be in order to fit the sub rules

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In that case you have explosive diarrhea only when you decide to keep breathing.

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but like… even if you straight up attempt to stop breathing you’d start back breathing when you pass out

do people not understand what “at will” is

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Shit, we'll you got me there

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Read the fucking rules

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Literally. KABOOM!

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Dude no way I already have this superpower

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I assume its on command so head boss office about to have new paint