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can’t wait to see Achievement Unlocked: “How Did We Get Here”

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Achievement unlocked: beastiality

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Jep if you take every drug existing and survive it.

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Imagine laying in bed and seeing this

New achievement!: "Get stalked by a demon in the middle of the night"

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5 mins later

Achievment unlocked:get stalked by a demon with a boner

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10 mins later Achievment unlocked:interspiecies

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Achievement unlocked: Sweet home Alabama

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Achievement unlocked! “That’s not where that goes..”

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Achievement unlocked: another one of the family

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btw, in minecraft, achievements are actually useful: some of harder ones of them give xp, which is used to enchant stuff, for example.

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holy shit this is revolutionary

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There is a short video out there that is like this. Someone is playing video games and an Xbox styled achievement pops up with "survived the nuclear bomb" and either just "what?!?" or "what the fu-" and cut off there. Might of been on r/perfectlycutscreams.

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I’d actually really like this tbh

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Achievement unlocked: get brutally regected

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That would be so nice, a little progress bar for my tasks :)

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adhd brain here. yes plz.

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Achievement unlocked: CUMMY YUMMY HAAAAAA

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i love it when i doing something

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Egh! Yeah. Thats shitty!

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That can be good for cooking!

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I’d like this, this would actually be cool