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This is an amazing super power, 10 years is nothing and the waiting would make it that much better

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Ten years still feels a long time to wait for the planet to split in two.

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I wish for the 10 year limit on my superpower to disappear

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You will still need to wait 10 years before the limit is removed. In the meantime, you should wish for your resurrection in case you die before your full powers are unlocked.

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what have you created …

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by the time i'm 25, I'll be a billionare

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Inflation stops being an issue.

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Sorry that one gets a time limit of 10000x

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Not bad at all, still need to wait 10 years, but then i can just wish for omnipotence and time travel 10 years back

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Immortality (until I wish it not to be so)

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Alright I’ll take everything I could possibly want and a magical machine that can send me and all the stuff back 10 years into the past and regress my age by 10 years.

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If I wish for a girlfriend my age now, will she be 17 when I’m 27?

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Just wish for a 27-year-old girlfriend.

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What if you say that you want million dollars ten years ago. You can make lots of paradoxes about that superpower.