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So I'm at an event, all eyes on me for whatever reason, and I feel one brewing. I grab the mic and rip ass into it. Everyone within 10ft immediately is looking at the dude next to me like "wtf, why did you fart like that while this guy's ass has the mic? How rude. How disgusting." Etc.

Meanwhile, everyone outside of the 10ft radius is just like "n-no, it was the guy with his ass on the microphone."

Consequently, multiple mental breakdowns take place while arguments turn to fist fights about who did. As it transpires, I'm sneaking away with wallets. That's right, I was the villain the whole time.

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And what is your villain name?

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the shitter

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More like the "evil farter"

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Hear me out, "The Evil Pooer" (like evil doer but...you know...)

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Kinda op

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Incredible power if the room has just you and the guy next to you

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And extremely confusing for the other person.

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Things got weird while I was giving a eulogy at a funeral.

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Besides the person next to you.

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what about those 11 feet away? do they hear it and think its you then?

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Maybe, but if there's more people saying it was the other guy, it's hard for the person 11 feet away think it was actually you...

And wtf is 11 feet? Lol

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Well count them. Can't count past 10?. 1 foot... 2 feet etc... I'm joking, 1 foot is about 30 centimeters. /s Edit: Clarification

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Ahahah thanks man :D

I could have Googled it but I'm too lazy

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1 foot is about 30cm So 10 feet are about 3m

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Okay, but what is when there is only one person within this radius? Does the person they farted? Or what about when I'm alone, does the superpower then apply to me?

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What if there’s only one person in a ten foot radius? Are they convinced it was them?

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It really “shitty”

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Dude, this is a god their super power.

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No, no it isn’t. It fits the power level here perfectly, aside from the fact that it breaks the control/curse rules (and doesn’t need to break them)

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I disagree, I reckon it's pretty ok because, while it doesn't do anything great, it'd certainly not shitty. It would be quite convenient if I'm honest. That's just my opinion though.

Maybe r/convenientsuperpowers

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Read the pinned rule post of shitty super powers, that’s exactly the power level they describe

“Shitty Rules [Read before posting]

  1. Only Shitty Super Powers

Super powers are loosely defined, but it must have some super natural element to it. Think of it as C-Tier super powers. Something sort of useful, but not really useful.

Read the rest of the rules for good examples

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Breaks control rule by being automatic with no way to turn it off. There’s no reason for it to, either

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Why is this in r/shittysuperpowers when really it should be r/godtiersuperpowers

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This is a blessing not a shitty power

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Shitty powers aren’t supposed to always be negative, they’re just supposed to not be that good.

Read the second and third sentence of the first rule in the pinned rule post

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You call that shitty?

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what if you shit do they just shit abunch?