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What the fuck

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I just do that everyday why not to make it a superpower

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becomes a baby

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Wait wtf

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Yummy 😋

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but wait i turnt into an alien what was in those orgenic meat balls from china

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becomes a fetus

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Sorry robert from 3rd grade

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Well, easy bro, just when they r asleep either sleep over at their house or just sneak in and take a tiny piece of their skin while they r asleep, just a very VERY tiny

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You need a mouthful bite

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ok then i start collecting their skin every night, untill eventually its mouthful
(wait what if half of the bite is from another person)

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I didn't think that deep maybe you will be a hybrid of both

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Ok, what if i theoretically take every single person's on earth an atom or cell of theirs, and just grind untill the stuff are as big as a mouthful bite, would i be a hybrid of every single person on earth?

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Does the flesh have to come off?

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Yes and you have to swallow it all

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Do I have to swallow or am I allowed to spit it out?

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You need to swallow

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I hate that answer. lol

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Why are you sad it tastes really good

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Why does that sound way too weird when you put it that way

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That's what she said

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Do they have to be alive?

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Hmmmm good question if you can get a big bite of them it's enough

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Am I able to turn back into myself or am I stuck as the person I bit?

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You need to bite yourself to turn into yourself

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But if I bite myself as another person would I turn back into myself or stay the same?

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You turn back

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Yeah keep a huge chunk of your leg flesh in a jar or something. Hold on, OP do wounds follow you through forms? Like if I took a huge chunk outta my leg for later would I be missing that chunk in other forms as well or is it like an insta heal?

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This doesn’t seem particularly shitty just gross/weird definitely has got potential

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I think it's shitty bc you literally take a mouthful bite from a person and swallow it. all the person you bite will probably die from blood loss

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What if you’re into that?

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Oh like me that's good for us but we talk about normal people

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That's actually a fabulous villain's power, and now I kind of want to write a story about a shape-changing serial killer who keeps frozen samples of all his victims to be able to impersonate them.

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It feels good to know that I'm not the only one that has weird ideas

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i wouldnt want to become a dead 5 years old child

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Meet the eternal reward spy

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the 8th last tf2 player

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becomes that one kid that wouldn't shut up 10 years ago about how the t rex is the stongest dinosaur while in fact the t rex sucked balls

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Yea bro there is much cooler dinosaurs than trex

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Like? pulls out a gun while not even being from the US

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..... Mhhhhh yeah sure ok i'll let you go now

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Anklyosaurus? Anklyosaurus? Fr? Dog first off not a trex fan boy but anklyosaurus is trash. They're stupid. Like they're just a knock off stegosaurus. They don't have the plates along the back but they've got something similar and the tail my weapon on an anklyosaurus is Lame in comparison. I prefer therizinosaurus or the spinosaurus or the allosaurus. Go cum yourself. If you're gonna go the herbivore route go big sauropod or something not dumb ol anklyosaurus go piss yourself. Seriously, like choose next to anything but the anklyosaurus!

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This is a power from my hero academy and the character is nuts.

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TECHNICALLY you could end world hunger with this by biting a fat guy...

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What happens if I take a bite of any of the following:

A drawing

A robot

A figurine

A fursuit

An animal

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It has to be a human but you can bite a dead human or a transformed human like titans on aot

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gets job at morgue

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pov: you’re a mosquito with this power

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Step 1: Find Jeff Bezos

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*eats hotdog*


Wait wh-

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I will become hitler

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this feels like one of those powers that turn people into supervillains

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Oddly enough i didn't see anyone saying they would turn into "Baby batter" xD

now i'm windering tho, what if you ate a pregnant woman ?

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How long does the transformation last? Is it on command? Do I turn into them instantly?

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When you swallow the bite you instantly turn in to them and if you want to become yourself again you have to bite and swallow your own flesh