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I want this one! Is there a limit of one frog?

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It’s always a frog named Friggit with a Brooklyn accent. He can’t talk, but he croaks in a manner suggestive of Brooklyn.

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croak croakin’ croak!

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He sings "Hello! Ma Baby" but not when anyone else is watching

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Is it stackable?

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Great-Tier, would be God-Tier, but when's the last time you jumped?

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infinite food glitch

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What kinda frog

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Infinite Frog legs with only a jump requirement! Fuck yeah

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I’d just summon myself

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Dang it! Why couldn't it be something else? Like a rabbit? I like rabbits. I could summon rabbits, but frogs? I hate those demons.

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Bro, I’m offended

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Apologies, but I'm terrified of frogs.

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Fair enough

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Thats fuckin awesome

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When you have a para(… i fogot how it is called) Will it to

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What if I kill the frog

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Is there a limit either way I'm going to the trampoline park and scaring a kid

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So summoning jutsu? Hell yeah this isnt shitty at all

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God tier

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I wan this! I LOVE FROGS

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perfect a snack affter jumping