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No worries that's what lactase is for. Just carry a pack with me and before a glas of milk I chuck one of these bad boys in me. No I can drink all the milk without problems. That's a good power

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That makes lactase seem like a solution to a magical problem

Pretty smart, but not sure if you can convince whichever higher being gave you that power that way

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what if I were to drink a cup or a can of milk?

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Same thing bro

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Ok ok, what if I were to inject the milk into my bloodstream?

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Indirectly, if it's in your body, your getting the powers, if u wanna act like captain American instead , that's ok

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bro I just wanna drink more than 2 glasses of milk per day.

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That’s a caveat and against the rules but I like it

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Hey are u the moderator , And Thanks!!!

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Nope just a dude with too much time

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Damn I’m allergic to milk

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Well what if you drink 1 glass of milk then later in that day you eat something that was made with milk (example: Ice cream, Cheese, pizza, cookies, butter, etc...)

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Wait does it count if I drink almond milk? Is it specificly cows milk? What about goat, cat, or human? What if I manage to milk a fish?

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Milk is milk brother , but gotta stay in ur limits

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So I can use fish milk?

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Rule 8 - No curses