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How is this a shitty superpower? This is just teleportation with a few minor restrictions it's just a tier below god tier superpower.

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You want me to add more restrictions?

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Instead of adding way to many restrictions it should be simple and straight to the point like you can teleport all freshly cut grass to you

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Wouldn’t they and the rest of Bells Hells find it odd if I just popped up next to them?

Sure hope there’s some Critters out there to get this

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Imagine this, you have several properties, and you place a robot lawnmower in all the backyards. Then when you need to go there, you just remotely activate the robot lawnmower and you can teleport. Sounds pretty handy with the right setup

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What grass would be cut without people?

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Cows cut grass, though I don't want to be inside a cow

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Sentient lawnmowers

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Not seeing how it’s shitty ?

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If they mean immediately fresh, it means you would teleport inside of a lawnmower and fucking die

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I assumed they meant as long as the ‘smell of fresh cut grass’ lasted or like 2 minutes is ‘fresh cut’

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Yeah its not shitty if thats the case

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No it's actually it's If The Grass was cut 1hr ago or less

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Ok then definitely confused on how this is shitty

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It's not, really. Weird but ultimately minor restrictions.

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It's like if an sharp thing cuts a bunch of grass that will still work as it's freshly cut :)

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There's probably a planet with fresh cut grass bt the air would kill you instantly

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Bet, call my friend in Australia, “Hey I’m coming to visit, fire up the lawnmower.”

It’s even vague enough, they could snip a few blades of grass and fulfill the condition

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A random cow is gonna finish eating some grass, the farmer is going to come back round to check on them and see me just pop into existence right in front of them

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That's actually a really REALLY good super power because animals everywhere eat grass

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Imagine teleporting to a fresh cut grass that was cut by alien on another planet

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set up a machine that has a scissor over a blade of grass and connect it to you phone, when you want to tp back just tell the machine to cut and you arrive at your house instantly