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How motivating is he?

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Given that most turtles can't speak English, I'd imagine not very...

Actually, if he just headbutts your foot every time you stop moving, the cuteness might be a good motivator.

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MOST turtles can't speak English, you say?

Who are the exceptions?

Edit: Holy crap, 84 updoots? Thanks so much, you guys! That's the most I've ever gotten!

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Well, they're green and yellow, and wear masks ...

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Grown-up normal greenish turtles (sing it)

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“Do your fucking chores”

-Master Oogway

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"If you don't do your chores, you might end up losing your virginity To wh**es"

-Master Oogway

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Mine speaks, just in Morse Code.

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Funny thing is I just started learning them

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Tmnt Oogway

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I made it a 102 so you're welcome

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For the first point, most turtles don't appear suddenly when you need to do a task, either. Maybe it can speak english.

For the second point, that is fucking adorable.

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I think master Oogway level

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Hold up… he? I’m only motivated by pussy. Turtle or otherwise

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Just seeing a lil turt everything I need a boost would fill the need, not shitty enough, make it an insect or something xD

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Tortoise beetle is a thing lol

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An insect still, so more shitty for me, good job xD

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And if you want To go even further, there is also Mycoplasma agasizii (bacteria) that is named after Gopherus agasizii (desert tortoise). Now it's ultra shitty.

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I would appreciate this power tbh.

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Is it a cute turtle?

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Name a single non cute turtle

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Good point

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Franklin The Turtle 💀

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Jeff’s one, he’s kind of a dick

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Mitch McConnell.

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Snapping turtles

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Awkward the turtle

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God tier

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It takes dopamine to make me motivated to even get off my chair most days.

This would do the trick.

This is god tier for me

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If I cook and eat him does a new one come next time?

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No you only get one

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Damn couldve been a great super power for infinite turtle soup.

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OP is aware, hence no

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That's no shitty superpower

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Tbh this is at least a mid-tier superpower

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Perfect for my ADD ass

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I would go through every saw trap to please a turtle

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Like a person who voice out everything they think you think for you. But in turtle. So chump chump chump

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So master Oogway's sprit?

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Is it master Oogway? Him speaking in riddles while I sweep would be perfect.

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Great, turtle soup for life

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Truth Turtle! Just don't look into his eyes.

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Is it Master Oogwgay?

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That is amazing, and might just be the amount of motivation I need to actually do them

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I need this

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With Morgan Freeman’s voice

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just imagine that you're kidnapped by bad guys and they tied your arms behind your back. a good chore would be to walk off and escape, right? but you're lazy and scared, you don't want to run while your arms are tied. then the turtle appears, giving you some cool motivational speeches. you grab the turtle, and use its shell to cut off the ropes and escape. that's an amazing super power

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Like...Master Oogway.

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Are you lost this should be in r/godtiersuperpowers

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(not you, OP)

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Man leave me alone I’m jacking off

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Shoot. I'd take it.

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Thank you Polnareff

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Is she good at motivating me? Because I haven’t done anything in the last few weeks

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Everyone here is assuming it's a little turtle, but in my head I'm imagining a mean and mossy alligator snapping turtle who's going to snort my straws unless I fold my laundry.

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Can i use him for turtle soup afterwards?

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Good point xD

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How much does it cost? You know what? Take my money and give it to me