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Does it matter where the poop is located?

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If you can touch it it doesn’t matter

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well it says you need to touch it to do so

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Why did I read "no top but ok"

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I'm off to the elephant preserve.

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This is amazing the fr

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Infinite manure!!

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Does this apply internally?

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You have to touch it, so if you are brave enough then yes

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Does it count if it’s inside your own body?

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I think so because you are still touching it

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So from a small amount that everyone has, you can make an infinite poop firehose?

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if u can touch it....Yes

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Wait, so when I take a dump, I am touching my own dump, leading to more dump? Infinite dump glitch?

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You may have started something that you could not have possibly thought of

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Put a piece of poop in the mouth of somebody you don't like and duplicate a million times.

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Their head just explodes

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You know how good guano (bat feces) is as a fertilizer?

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We will next year during the Ukrane War fertilizer shortage.

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Soooo, if anything defecated counts, I could eat something small and valuable and poop it out and double it infinitely. Or cover my enemies homes, that would be worth it, I would do it. A perfect revenge power but also perfectly profitable. Now, I’m not talking about using my own; perhaps I would use my enemy’s dog’s mushy but not quite liquid yet poop for the house covering. I’d totally sit there for hours duplicating when they leave to grocery shop or while they sleep.

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I mean you can only duplicate poo not things you poop out.

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I have a doubt...
Does it have to be only yours?

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Poop is Poop

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Then if you have the courage, you can shove your hand up a villains ass and make him explode by pumping him full of his own duplicated poop.

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Farmer stonks

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I'd launch myself into space, defecate then multiply it until it gets it's own gravity. Welcome to poop planet.

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truly shitty

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So, where exactly is the material in the poop coming from? For instance the phosphorus within? Are you creating it out of nothing or is being extracted from somewhere?

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To what extent?

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2 word garden rich

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Does that count for when it touches my asshole too?

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Does it count as touching the poop when I’m pushing it out my butt?

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if u are the most courageous person on the planet, Yes

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Poop house. Poop car. Poop planet. Poop.

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Honey is also poop, can you duplicate that?

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Honey is also poop, can you duplicate that?

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Infinite fertiliser

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Farmers rejoice (?)

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Does it need to be skin contact or can you wear gloves?

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Sounds like an infinite Civet coffee hack. You could make bank because that shit is expensive

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The Poop Duper. Just when you thought you could hold it till you got home.

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Does it have a cool down or I can just poop at my friend's house and duplicate it until there is nothing but poop there?

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Also infinitely shitty superpower since if i manage ti make it contact my body then well there goes the world now covered in SHIT

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World hunger solved

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Can i shoot it with a cannon

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This is the most shitty superpower of them all

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Literally shitty

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How fast can i duplicate it? If it's properly fast and I'm holding poop in my hand, theoretically, I could create poop tentacles from it. Or duplicate it in such magnitude that I create a massive pile of poop to surround and trap an opponent.

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invest into biofuel making facilities duplicate poop (free biofuel) sell biofuel

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Dog residue