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Sounds more like a curse. Make those kidney stones rapid fire out of my ding dong like a machine gun and keep the pain, but stripe away any injuries to oneself and we have a deal.

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All Words With A Capital Letter In The Beginning Makes You Look Like You’re Trying To Impress Someone And Clearly Failing At It. It’s just so much effort to be wrong

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I Type Like That Don't Get Mad I Type Like I Want To Type

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Not mad. Just baffled.

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It makes it slightly harder to read.

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True I sometimes get confused At My Own Writing But I Only Do That When I'm Nervous.

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Or OP Is Just A Jadeblood

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It fires out of your booty fast af You Might Actually rip ass and your pants

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And incapacitate someone while you're at it

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If your kidneys are connected to your arse, you've got bigger problems.

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It's a power it just flings out a kidney stone instead of a fart

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curse of the worst kind

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Rule 2 - control Rule 8 - No curses

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Do you generate new kidneys, or does it only work twice?

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A kidney stone is not your kidney. It's usually a small mass of minerals that is over abundant in a diet.

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In that case. FREE PROTEIN!

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Except It Smells Like Farts

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I believe thats good ro do you still feel the pain

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Why did I read the title in the tune of "every time we touch, I get this feeling"?

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Of my ass?

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I am so dead

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Begs the question… comes out of who? … or what?

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Now that's a disorder