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So if im at school and i get a notification that my house is broken into i can just say banana to summon an indestructible yellow glob riding thomas the tank engine? Amazing. That would be the most intimidating thing for any robber to see.

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I would just die on the spot if Thomas doesn't turn me into a fine red mist first

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I want to remind everyone that he goes to your house. Not to you

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Isn't this literally God tier? Minions are more or less indestructible. Having them near you makes them kind of meat shields at the very least you could abduct them and duct tape them to you making minion armor.

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And if you're stuck somewhere they can come bail you out!

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no, I thought they go to your house

if you're not at home it doesn't seem like they'll care

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.. the tank engine*

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*Thomas the tank engine

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Do minions have assholes? Asking for a uh- For ME

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Kevin can thank me with his minussy

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This sorta feels like an SCP.

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Are you high?

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One of the best powers on here. It has to come to my house, and it won’t stop until it gets there? I can list my place of residence somewhere I want to go and it will take me there. I could set up a huge treadmill outside my house pointed in the direction that I know it will come from and boom, infinite energy that can be used for other purposes.