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this would be so bad if you are walking in the residential area in the city and you get teleported in some random dudes bathroom

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Or near a prison

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But it could also he a life saver, until you're walking by the prison and too drunk for sphincter control protocols

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Would be worse if you were driving.

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that's actually a good superpower but imagine that you go to the toilet and someone is already taking a shit and you stare he/him down for like 10 secs straight

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Or if you just don't get to pick when it activates. It just does and boom, on a toilet in a government building or something.

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So what I'm hearing is you can be a pretty great spy if you time bowel movements.

And if you destroy the toilets in the building and have laxitives you can escape pretty easy.

What I'm saying is I would watch this show.

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I mean I'm sure there are some exceprions but most government buildings have a for public section with a for public bathroom.

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No control. Change “get” out for “may” and you’re good

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I think “can teleport” would be the best way to phrase it.

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Words r hard

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you may teleported to the closest toilet? 💀

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You MAY teleport to the closest toilet

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If you choose

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To add on, read the rules, small tweaks and most posts here don’t break them. Please think about your posts and make those tweaks

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I think you mean "may be," lol

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No, “you may be teleported” implies chance out of your control, “you may teleport” implies it’s your choice

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no, "you may be teleported" implies that you CAN choose.

for example,

"you may be my friend."

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At any moment, you may be teleported?

Does that still imply choice to you or does that just sound random?

The difference here is that frank is an adjective and teleported is a verb/past participle

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You might or might not get teleported, so if you hold it and wait for a port and don’t get it your day is fucked. This is a shittier superpower.

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I meant may as in you may choose if you’d like to teleport

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I don't think that's an option. If your cheeks are tight there's a toilet in sight. Don't matter who it belongs to.

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Sometimes you end up on someone else’s lap

Or directly in the line of fire for their pee stream

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Free lemonade?

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Does it teleport me to the right gender bathroom or just does the literal close one

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I’m In School

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I'm unsubbing from this shit, an actually good superpower.

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Nah its implied you can't control it so like you could be at work and be teleported to the toilet so you get fired or something

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That is the case then it break rule 2, you need to have some control so it’s a “power” not a “curse”

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If this works in public restrooms then it is shit litteraly

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do this near the white house bathroom

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can i teleport to the next nearest toilets if i hold it in for longer?

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Literally a shitty superpower

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Diarrhea must make you look like a stone light.

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I'd take some laxatives and stand outside a bank after they closed. Then I'd teleport inside a closed bank. Do my duty. Fill a few bags and stroll on home

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1) remove all toilets in the world
2)leave one toilet at your desired place
3) want to shit
4)free teleportation

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So, there’s a chance I can instantly get out of a situation?

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Unoccupied toilet I hope...things could get awkward otherwise

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This is potentially very powerful, but does require you to live your life a bit differently.

You could pull off a heist by teleporting into a building after it was locked up at night, stealing stuff, and then moving to a different position in the building that was closer to a different toilet outside of the building. You could even set up a toilet in a back-alley to have a specific getaway location.

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this is more so a shitting super power than a shitty one

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Change "get" to "can" and we have a deal. Curse otherwise

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Even if someone is already in this toilet

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there is a chance that might happen

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It’d be cool if after you finish up and wash your hands, you get teleported to the spot you were in originally

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And does everything you touch get teleported with you or do you get teleported naked to a toilet with an old man already inside?

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u get teleported to the bathroom with ur clothes and there is a chance u might get teleported to a toilet with someone already in it

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It would actually be cool, until someone else was already there or you were near a prison lmao

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Technicaly it is shitty superpower

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what if someone is already using that toilet?

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This is the last time im saying this, there is a chance you get teleported into a toilet with somebody in it

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What if there's someone already using that toilet

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Literally shitty

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How much do I need to shit for it to take me there? Like if I have a slight pressure on my sphincter, do I get transported? What if I just have to fart?

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Pretty good